Dwarven Honor

The Story Thus Far


Two dwarven brothers, Berrik and Thorgrim Bronzebeard, have worked as mercenaries for years now, leaving their homeland Dunnegin far behind.

After a particularly difficult mission in thwarting the Cult of Orcus, the wise sage of Winterhaven was kidnapped (leaving indebted to the dwarves, as well). The dwarves tracked down the kidnappers, a band of hobgoblins led by an eladrin necromancer, and demolished their foothold of operations.

Nothing stands in a dwarfs way.

However, the mercenaries discovered the necromancer’s plot to attack the dwarven capital to the north. They moved quickly, leaving the sage to be kept safe at a nearby dwarven outpost.

Berrik and Thorgrim arrived in time to fight back a combined hobgoblin, undead, and dark dwarf army. Thorgrim then recovered and reclaimed an ancient dwarven warhammer, and the two set off to crush the opposing dark dwarves once and for all. After the two mercenaries killed the dark dwarven general, the siege was broken, and a celebration was held.

However, peace does not last for long.

The sage, hearing news of the war, and putting the pieces together, journeyed to Dunnegin to enlist the mercenaries once more.



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